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Thursday, November 09, 2006

GUI Design

I need a graphical designer in order to start creating the GUI for the application.

I'd like to start a discussion in the mailing list about the GUI that SVT will use. I'd like to have a customized GUI and forget all usual patterns. So I'm waiting you to suscribe to the list!

Quick and dirty plugin viewer

I'm currently finishing my degree, so I have little time at the moment.

I hope in January this will be finished and I'll be able to continue the regular development of Schranz VT. I've uploaded a dirty version of the plugin viewer. The code is dirty and I have to pulish it, but it's a good start point. To make it work, you need to edit the config.xml file in order to set a plugin directory. The application will try to find'em there. It's set to "C:\Plugins" by default.

I hope you don't get scared with my C# habilities O:-)

P.S.: I'm not sure if the project will have a reference problem. Drop me a mail if you have problems with any reference problem with SVTPlugin.